Lawyers' professional liability coverage helps protect law firms from costly legal malpractice lawsuits.  Law firms that do not carry this coverage leave themselves open to a host of lawsuit possibilities, the most common being:

Legal malpractice (a former client unhappy with the service or judgments they received).

Suits that may arise out of a former client’s assertion that the bill is too high, unjust, or, more commonly, overdue.

A potential legal malpractice claim is any act, error, omission, circumstance, or personal injury that might reasonably be expected to give rise to a claim against any insured under the policy; or any breach of duty to a client or third party that has not resulted in a claim against an insured.

A legal malpractice claim is a demand made upon any insured for loss, as defined in each of the coverage units including, but not limited to, service of suit or institution of arbitration proceedings or administrative proceedings against any insured.

Extended Reporting Periods are used to provide coverage for claims that may be reported after the end of a claims-made policy period. The option to extend the reporting period does not extend the policy period. The ERP cannot be renewed or extended.

Defense Costs Inside the Limits of Liability means that both the loss amount and claims expenses are deducted from the available limit of liability, and reduce the amount of your available limits to pay the actual claim. Defense Costs Outside the Limits of Liability means that only the damages/settlement amount is deducted from the available limit of liability, and that defense costs are in addition to the limits of liability.

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